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CityAdsPro.com Website was created, built, is own and managed by Mike Taylor and Family in conjunction with Online Associates (i.e. Web Hosting Technical Experts) from Philadelphia PA and the United States.

Mike is a College/University Graduate (B.S. in Administration) and has over 10 years experience in dealing with Online Advertising, Promotion, Administration and Customer Service. He is also a Professional Blogger, Articles Writer and Internet Business Website Owner, including Private Web Hosting.

Our aim is to create an ethical environment online where everyone who agrees with us (i.e. our Website Terms, Membership Rules, etc) can care and share their news, views and reviews, for example. This can be done while adding their social and business websites details or information for greater online advertising and promotion successful benefits. This can be accomplished by means of the courtesy and help received from CityAdsPro.com Directory Listing and News Information Blog Advertising and Promotion Service online.

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