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Here we will list some of the most likely question Visitors to our Website and Registered Members may ask with the most suitable answers from us to help everyone.

What is this Website about?

This is a join Private Professional Websites Information Listing Directory and News Blog from Philadelphia PA in the United States. You can add to sell your website goods or services with our Site. We will advertise and promote your site details for greater success and benefits online.

Is there a cost to register and join?

NO. Anyone approved by our Admin/Moderators can join for free as FREE Member by agreeing to our Website Terms, Rules and other Membership Procedures. But Free Members have limited privilege. For example, they cannot post at our Site Membership BLOG. We have an easy monthly Paid Professional Membership where Members can post unlimited posts at our Site BLOG for admin approval and publishing. However, apart from that, all Directory Listings are Paid Listings.

How can someone list their Website Information?

The listing of the Websites Links and Information is not free since this is a paid listing Site. You will need to visit our Site pages to get more answers. However, listing your Site Information is cheap. And the information will be listed for a whole year (i.e. 365 days).

Do you offer refund?

Yes. We will refund the payment made if you Website content from the link you provided is not acceptable or contrary to our Terms, etc. This will be done via the same method the payment was received (i.e. PayPal) less any cost charged from PayPal. So you need to make sure your Website link is in agreement with out Terms and Rules before you pay and submit your Site information.

What are the Terms and Rules of the Site?

You can visit our Site home page and see the relevant links at the top menu with details on each page.

What if I have more question, can I can reach you and how?

You can go to the contact page and submit your questions, queries, concerns, etc. by using the e-mail address or contact form at the page.

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